Friday, 29 September 2017


In hockey we had this guy come and teach us the skills. His name is Joseph and we did it in the hall. We had to dribble and learn all these skills about it. It was lots of fun. We had a different person to what we had the last time we were taught hockey which was last year. In the photo we are playing a game. The games is there is a joker that comes around and tries to steal your ball and if they steal it they get it and then at the end if your ball has been taken off you you have to do star jumps. In the photo I am at the back.


Our class had this guy named Matua X come and teach us about all the plastic and everything. He came from the Raglan recycling center. On Thursday it was enviro day and we made bags out of old pieces of clothing. I didn't make a bag because I went home to help my dog. He was very quirky and had some very interesting puppet bags. Ones name was bag and the other one was bag-get. We budded up with room 13. We played some card games also where you had to make a story of the travelling plastic bag and then put it in order.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Production Term 3

This term for production my role was Annie. I really enjoyed it but I am really tired now. The hardest part of it for me was the singing. Thankfully I had the help of Mrs Wendy to help me with it otherwise I would've been lost without her. Mrs N was a really good directer and we had some very interesting costumes. My favorite dance was your never fully dressed without a smile. It was a really cool production to finish off my years at Pirongia school.