Friday, 12 May 2017

Reflection 12th of May Week 2

On Monday the councillors went to National young leaders day and heard from a wide range of speakers, 50 schools, 600 schools taking part from around the Waikato. I really enjoyed myself and at the end we got to listen to Nomad which is a New Zealand famous band. My favourite speaker was Trina Tamati who told us stories about what has happened in her life. On Wednesday we had the Lit quiz. It was a really late night and a cool experience. Pirongia entered 2 teams. Team 1 won a round and got a $5 gift card from Whitcoulls. I was in Team 2 and we just tried our best and enjoyed ourself. Thursday was tech arts which is going pretty well. In wood tech I finished my self feeder which is like a tray and I started a Lazy suzan. Which like a wooden plate that spins around.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Science Fair

For science fair my topic is what amount of water makes honey crystallize the fastest. I will have to long at the time period of how long it sits in one place. I am thinking that I will check it everyday and to see whats happening and take photos. I think that I will take the photo at the same time everyday and give it about a week so I can start on the next test. I will be recording as well in my log book to keep it up to date. I can't wait to start testing. I am going to start on Monday. In the weekend I will get prepared with what amounts of water in each container. The containers will be the same as will be the amount of honey.