Thursday, 13 April 2017

Proud Moments

I am proud of... 
1. Being a Councillor for Term 1 
2. Getting third in my heat at swimming sports
3. Getting two Kawaka awards at the golden gathering
4. Going to leadership day
5. Getting into the lit quiz

Monday, 3 April 2017

Friday Integrity games

On Friday we had the Integrity games with Tawa team which was very fun. We were really hot at the end of it and there were heaps of kids coming and going. They were all getting into it and joining in. We played master tag with a twist and all the kids were experts at it. There were no arguments and they co-operated with each other although we had 1 injury all was well.  I am in a group with Lucy, Breea and Sharnika and we were all working together throughout the whole process. Since there was four of us we would take turns, two playing and two having a break and then we would rotate. But the only thing that we could work on is making the boarder clearer so the kids didn't go out of the square. At the start we decided on what to do but we didn't have enough players so after we got together with room 13 and saw what it would be like we decided to change it cause it just wouldn't work. The way you play the game is that everyone is in and you are only allowed to tag each other on the knee or under. If you are tagged you sit down, when the person who tags you sits down you get to stand up. The game ends when one person gets everyone.