Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy

On Tuesday we had an ASB guy named Callum come in and taught us about saving and spending money. We learn't about how much on average a doctor, trades and the fast food industries make every year. A doctor after spending and giving in their tax they save about $500 a week, Trades saved $200 and Fast food industries save $50. I learn't that a chunk of how much you earn if given and past as Tax, so fast food people give less money compared to doctors and people who have a big income. We also played a game in 2 teams and we took a trip to Fiji and had to work out all the financial stuff which was fun. The team that I was on had $100 left and the other team had $200 At the start each team started with $2000.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Reflection Week 8 Term 1

In reading this week one of the things that we did is that we got a piece of paper and it was a bit like a running record where there was a story and you had to answer the questions related to the text. In math we are working on angles which is going pretty okay. At the start I was a bit stuck but then Mr Mathews helped me. In Writing we are learning about writing explanations which is when you describe the process of something happening. On one day this week we had to write a conclusion from a page of notes that were written for us and then we went through and highlighted all the bullet pointed notes that would fit into a conclusion. Yesterday we had to write a verse of a poem about an object. I chose a Dahlia flower which looks like the picture above. In Inquiry we are teaching the Tawa kids a game but in different groups. My group is Me, Lucy, Breea and Sharnika and the game that we are teaching our group from room 13 is Master Tag which is when you are all in and try and go around tagging as many people as you can. When you tag someone below the knees they have to sit down but when you get tagged below the knees and you sit down, the people tagged by you get to stand up and continue playing. On Thursday we had the Tech Arts cafe I think my mum enjoyed the food also Mrs Nasilasila came and ate with the rest of the parents/caregivers.