Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflection Week 2 Term 4

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This week in for Visual Arts in Tech Arts I have started carving. Last week we drew a New Zealand native bird on a piece of white paper and then got some ink paper and cellotaped it to a piece of custom wood. We drew with a pencil quite hard over the drawing out line and then you took off the piece of paper and ink paper and there was a blue out line of the bird. This week I started carving which is looking really cool. In wood tech I finished my three coasters and then started the fourth one that I am going to oil at home. In math we are doing algebra and I am really excited because I might be moving up to smurfs. In writing we are writing CV and for Inquiry we are choosing a local business and giving them tips on how to improve their business. We have started doing puberty at the moment and are doing social dance. I love social dance the dances that we have learnt so far are the Maxina, the Gaygorden, the Snow-ball Waltz and one more that I have forgotten the name for it. On Wednesday the junior engineer's had a whole day in Mrs Cullen's office even though she was at a meeting and then that afternoon/night she emailed the proposal off to wellington on a overnight plane.