Friday, 23 September 2016

Reflection Week 9 Term 3

This week we have done fun learning. Yesterday in the first block we did math work shops and my group did improper fractions into mixed fractions and then simplified them if you can. We had no Tech arts this week because there was a Tech arts concert last week. Next term for Tech arts I am doing Visual arts and Wood tech which I a really excited about. Yesterday there was an orchestra that came to our school from Auckland and it was amazing they had a Jazz band singers and the strings did a few songs which was violins, 1 viola, 1 chello and 1 double base.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Reflection Week 6 Term 3

Success is astonishing
He is always persevering
And reaches out to friends in need.
His teammates can always count on him
to come and get the winning goal.
He is constantly striving for excellence and stands out in the crowd,
with his conscientious cheering.
His rival is coward and his best friend is
strive .
He has an exemplary personality
And is never a bad sport.
By Marnie Gielen
Above is my success writing...
This week Pirongia school has started Pirockey which I think is two ball hockey but some people think it is Pirongia hockey. Tui has won all their games so far and we just need to beat Kakapo to win overall. I love tech arts it is so much fun. In media arts I have finished my anti bullying poster which you can see in the tech arts showcase which is coming up. Now I am onto my second anti-bullying poster that I print out. With music in tech arts I am playing Key board in the song ride by twenty-one-pilots and I am laying electric guitar in the song I got a feeling by black eyed peas. Last night I went to the Lower Waipa Speech finals at Ohaupo school and I won overall for year 7 girls and then on stage I went up against the year 7 boy and I won so then I got a trophy. I really enjoyed the experience and I wonder if I will go to full primary.