Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 5 Term 3

This week in class we have been doing for writing, Narratives. The latest one we have had to do is writing about someones behavior and also we described a fruit, I did a mandarin but it is not ready to share. In reading we have been carrying on with the Olympic reading challenge that we started with Mrs Bryant and we have been doing character descriptions where we get a story from a school journal and you get two worksheets. One of the worksheets has all the questions you need to answer about the story. The things that you have to answer about the story are, things about the characters, the plot, setting, the main message etc. In math as a class we have been measuring angles with protractors and my group minions is looking at squaring numbers. With Mrs Ngapo in drama we did hot seating where the first time the person got hot seated and had to choose a person from and a book, movie, fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The second time you got given someone to do like when we did it, it was was humpty dumpty or the ginger bread man and you got asked questions like you are in court. I got a go at being humpty dumpty which was fun. Tech Arts is going well and the songs we are doing are coming along really well. In the song Ride I am doing keyboard and in the second song I got a feeling I am playing electric guitar. Below is my GIF that I have made in Media Arts

Friday, 12 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 3 Term 3

This morning I have found out that I have gotten into the next level of speeches which is the Kawaka speeches which I am very proud of!!! I am really proud of how my speech was delivered on Wednesday when we did our speeches in class, and the Kawaka team speeches are on Monday morning so I am going to be practicing over the weekend long and hard. I have also found out this morning that Mrs Vandy had her baby last night and her name is Amelia Grace Vandy!!! On Tuesday we had enviro day. Our buddy class for enviro day was room 4 and our focus is water. This afternoon the school has Cross country. I am going to try my best and get a point or some points for my house.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 2 Term 3

Image result for winter
Remember that time you touched a crisp leaf and you saw the detailed frosted lines, then you took it inside and it melted, that was winter.
Remember that time you sat by the fire watching the flames as it hailed outside, that was winter.
Remember that time you slipped over due to the ice covering the deck , that was winter.

Remember that time you hat to pour hot water over the windscreen so you can drive, that was winter.
Remember that time your fingers feel like someone is biting you as you try to stick them in your pocket, that was winter.
Remember that time you sat in the spa as is pours down and the droplets go into the water and then reach back up to the sky, that was winter.
By Marnie
Here is my Winter stanza writing above, I haven't re crafted this yet but at my learning conference I will share with you the re crafted version...
This week in class we have been doing speeches in writing, finding the highest common factor in math and in reading we have pretty much been writing our own book with the Olympic history. Next week I am looking forward to but also a bit nervous for speeches, my speech is on "How has local pollution become so bad". I have made an achievement out of school which is now I know how to play 3rd position on the violin.