Friday, 15 April 2016

End of Term Reflection

This term has been wonderful. So many different things that have happened as you can see earlier in my blog posts. I am looking forward to the science fair next term. There is a lot of preparing that I have to do in the holidays but I am very excited about it. There was so much knowledge packed in this term. There is going to be a lot more in the terms to come. I am not happy that Mrs Vandy is leaving. But I am very excited for her and her baby. Also I am very interested in the new teacher although she has only had her first set of interviews. Below is my student led conference and on it their is where I am at in all subjects and what my goals are. Feel free to have a look...

Also below is my Anzac poster that I made by hand earlier this week.

My student led conference

Friday, 8 April 2016

Week 10 reflection

On Thursday there was the year 8 leadership day and all the year 7s went into room 12, Mr Walkers room. We did animation and stop motion, which included getting a paper thing that folded into a character. We printed it off, coloured it in, and then glued it together. After that stage we would take photos of it and then move the character every few pictures. You play it, and it looks like a short video clip. This week we had student led conferences. I am very proud of mine and so is the teacher. Here is it down below.