Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Pirongia Mountain- A sigh of relief

Agitated minds approached the voluminous look out tower, apprehensive to get there. A dignified blanket comforted my drowsy feet as birds chirp underneath the sunlight's radiant beams. Trees whistled their unforgettable tunes exultant that they have company. Views far beyond the eye could see. Thump… thump, thump. Thump… thump, thu .A sigh of relief comforts my loathsome thighs. Prodigious mountains bully the apprehensive hills. As I climb the fearsome ladder to the top.  
I made a graph of  year 8 students, boy and girl and had a look through how many months they had it for.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Weekly Reflection

This week I had a splendid time writing my level 4 story about camp. I included the gems that are required for year 7. I wasn't here on Tuesday because I had the tummy bug. Definitely not nice! There is so many different types of camera angles that we learn't on Thursday. Friday is the Triathlon.Not looking forward to it at all, instead I'm just nervous. I,m a year 7 so I have to run around the school block come back, grab my bike and cycle two laps of the rugby field come back and swim 5 laps of the Pirongia school pool. Its tiring just saying it. Now I'm also not looking forward to the immunization thing that I have to have! I had quite a few spelling tests this week. I am glad that I only got 3 words wrong out of about 4 tests.

Film skills session.

This is an example of the the film skills session that room 14 had earlier this week. We had a sheet of paper that we had to tick off. There were 30 things we had to tick off. This video is one of them. In this video you had to keep the action inside the frame of the camera. In my group I had Tyler, Callum and myself. I learn't that there is so many different shots to choose from in movies and TV shows. A lot more harder than I thought. I really enjoyed the experience.