Friday, 21 October 2016

Reflection Week 2 Term 4

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This week in for Visual Arts in Tech Arts I have started carving. Last week we drew a New Zealand native bird on a piece of white paper and then got some ink paper and cellotaped it to a piece of custom wood. We drew with a pencil quite hard over the drawing out line and then you took off the piece of paper and ink paper and there was a blue out line of the bird. This week I started carving which is looking really cool. In wood tech I finished my three coasters and then started the fourth one that I am going to oil at home. In math we are doing algebra and I am really excited because I might be moving up to smurfs. In writing we are writing CV and for Inquiry we are choosing a local business and giving them tips on how to improve their business. We have started doing puberty at the moment and are doing social dance. I love social dance the dances that we have learnt so far are the Maxina, the Gaygorden, the Snow-ball Waltz and one more that I have forgotten the name for it. On Wednesday the junior engineer's had a whole day in Mrs Cullen's office even though she was at a meeting and then that afternoon/night she emailed the proposal off to wellington on a overnight plane.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Reflection Week 9 Term 3

This week we have done fun learning. Yesterday in the first block we did math work shops and my group did improper fractions into mixed fractions and then simplified them if you can. We had no Tech arts this week because there was a Tech arts concert last week. Next term for Tech arts I am doing Visual arts and Wood tech which I a really excited about. Yesterday there was an orchestra that came to our school from Auckland and it was amazing they had a Jazz band singers and the strings did a few songs which was violins, 1 viola, 1 chello and 1 double base.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Reflection Week 6 Term 3

Success is astonishing
He is always persevering
And reaches out to friends in need.
His teammates can always count on him
to come and get the winning goal.
He is constantly striving for excellence and stands out in the crowd,
with his conscientious cheering.
His rival is coward and his best friend is
strive .
He has an exemplary personality
And is never a bad sport.
By Marnie Gielen
Above is my success writing...
This week Pirongia school has started Pirockey which I think is two ball hockey but some people think it is Pirongia hockey. Tui has won all their games so far and we just need to beat Kakapo to win overall. I love tech arts it is so much fun. In media arts I have finished my anti bullying poster which you can see in the tech arts showcase which is coming up. Now I am onto my second anti-bullying poster that I print out. With music in tech arts I am playing Key board in the song ride by twenty-one-pilots and I am laying electric guitar in the song I got a feeling by black eyed peas. Last night I went to the Lower Waipa Speech finals at Ohaupo school and I won overall for year 7 girls and then on stage I went up against the year 7 boy and I won so then I got a trophy. I really enjoyed the experience and I wonder if I will go to full primary.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 5 Term 3

This week in class we have been doing for writing, Narratives. The latest one we have had to do is writing about someones behavior and also we described a fruit, I did a mandarin but it is not ready to share. In reading we have been carrying on with the Olympic reading challenge that we started with Mrs Bryant and we have been doing character descriptions where we get a story from a school journal and you get two worksheets. One of the worksheets has all the questions you need to answer about the story. The things that you have to answer about the story are, things about the characters, the plot, setting, the main message etc. In math as a class we have been measuring angles with protractors and my group minions is looking at squaring numbers. With Mrs Ngapo in drama we did hot seating where the first time the person got hot seated and had to choose a person from and a book, movie, fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The second time you got given someone to do like when we did it, it was was humpty dumpty or the ginger bread man and you got asked questions like you are in court. I got a go at being humpty dumpty which was fun. Tech Arts is going well and the songs we are doing are coming along really well. In the song Ride I am doing keyboard and in the second song I got a feeling I am playing electric guitar. Below is my GIF that I have made in Media Arts

Friday, 12 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 3 Term 3

This morning I have found out that I have gotten into the next level of speeches which is the Kawaka speeches which I am very proud of!!! I am really proud of how my speech was delivered on Wednesday when we did our speeches in class, and the Kawaka team speeches are on Monday morning so I am going to be practicing over the weekend long and hard. I have also found out this morning that Mrs Vandy had her baby last night and her name is Amelia Grace Vandy!!! On Tuesday we had enviro day. Our buddy class for enviro day was room 4 and our focus is water. This afternoon the school has Cross country. I am going to try my best and get a point or some points for my house.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Blog Reflection Week 2 Term 3

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Remember that time you touched a crisp leaf and you saw the detailed frosted lines, then you took it inside and it melted, that was winter.
Remember that time you sat by the fire watching the flames as it hailed outside, that was winter.
Remember that time you slipped over due to the ice covering the deck , that was winter.

Remember that time you hat to pour hot water over the windscreen so you can drive, that was winter.
Remember that time your fingers feel like someone is biting you as you try to stick them in your pocket, that was winter.
Remember that time you sat in the spa as is pours down and the droplets go into the water and then reach back up to the sky, that was winter.
By Marnie
Here is my Winter stanza writing above, I haven't re crafted this yet but at my learning conference I will share with you the re crafted version...
This week in class we have been doing speeches in writing, finding the highest common factor in math and in reading we have pretty much been writing our own book with the Olympic history. Next week I am looking forward to but also a bit nervous for speeches, my speech is on "How has local pollution become so bad". I have made an achievement out of school which is now I know how to play 3rd position on the violin.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Blog Reflection Week 1 Term 3

This week is the first week back at school and it's already back into it. In the holidays I went to Vanuatu and I had an awesome time. This term for inquiry we are doing dance and drama, Mrs Pemberton does drama as well as Mr Walker and Mrs N does dance. For writing we are doing argument writing (Speeches). My speech is "How has local pollution gotten so bad." We have done a few practice speeches and on Friday we were adopted to room 13 and 12, I got adopted to room 13. For tech arts I am doing Music and media arts which is really fun. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

End of term 2 reflection

This is a photo of my Dice Bag that I made this term in sewing.
This term has been lots of fun although it was quite sad when Mrs Vandy left but to make up for it the class had an awesome pajama, shared lunch and movie day. The things I am doing for tech arts next term is music and media arts. My goals for next term are to get to set X in spelling and to get a piece of writing higher than level 4P hopefully. I have really enjoyed this term and I am really excited for speeches next term but also a little bit nervous about the presenting of it.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Science fair explanation

This term for science fair my question is, "What different strategies stop you from crying when cutting onions?" The best strategy that stops you from crying when cutting onions is soaking it in water for five minutes before cutting and using snorkelling goggles while cutting. I had to do 3 tests for each strategy and there was five strategies. My eyes were quite sore and it was a bit annoying crying each and every test but on the bright side I now am used to cutting onions as well as the stinging feeling.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Term 2 Proud Moments

Term 2 Proud moments
This term I am proud of  getting moved up two levels on the reading tree and getting above where I'm supposed to be at the end of the year.
I am proud of getting a merit award at assembly.
I am proud of getting level 4P for my report it is called, Have You Ever Wondered How Day And Night And The Seasons Take Place.
I am proud of my science fair board I am really excited for the judging in week 10.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Reflection week 7

This week for tech arts my sewing is coming along really well. Yesterday I sewed on the dots to show that its a dice bag and added the bottom onto the lining. In food tech we made pin wheel scones where you make a normal scone batch then you add flour to make in not sticky. Put it on a big chopping board and roll it out. Spread cinnamon over all the dough. Then brown sugar and saltarnas. Roll it up long ways and cut small pieces off. Face upwards on a lined  tray and put in the oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Oven heated at 200 degrees Celsius. I rate it 5/5.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Careers Expo On Monday

On Monday Kawaka went to the careers expo at Claudelands arena in Hamilton to give us an idea what we would want to be when we grow up. We had been given a booklet to go around all the stands and ask questions and the write down the answers. I want to do something to do with Law. It is quite exciting to think about what you want to do when you are only a year 7.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Term 2 Inquiry

Have you ever wondered how day, night and the seasons takes

Day and night are very important to us. If it weren’t for the earth constantly spinning we wouldn’t have day and night or the four seasons.

Day and night occurs because the earth constantly rotates. It takes 24 hours to spin, in other words one full day. We do not feel the movement because the earth moves smooth and slowly. The earth spins on something called a axis which is always on a lean which is on a 23.5 degree angle The axis is an invisible line going through the earth.

Since the earth is spinning, some part of the earth is in sunlight (day) and some is in shadow (night). The daylight gets warmer and the shadow progressively loses heat. The earth starts in the east, is at south at noon and at west when the day ends.

Seasons are created by the tilt of the earth and the movement. When the North Pole is leaning closest to the sun it is summer. When it is the furtherest away it is winter. In between is autumn and spring. It can get closer and further away by the movement of the earth because the North Pole is staying the same angle the whole time only turning around.

The seasons take place all year. Summer is December, January and February. Autumn is March, April and May. Winter is June, July and August. Spring is September, October and November.

This cycle has been around since the earths creation.Day and night are the reason that we sleep at night and are active at day.

By Marnie Gielen

Monday, 30 May 2016

Tough kid challenge reflection

Last Friday was the tough kid challenge. It was so much fun and so many obstacles. My favorite was the mud pile as you can see in the picture above of me coated in mud. There was also a water slide it wasn't very slippery though. There was a massive cargo net you had to climb under, metal bars you had to hop over, Hay bails you had to climb over. I did not go over the hay bails though with my age group but when I went with the little kids I went over. Only because I was coated in mud. I came last in my race only because Emma and I stayed back and played in the mud pile and just enjoyed ourselves. We weren't there for the competition, we were there to have fun and enjoy our time.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Reflection week 3 Term 2

This week my favorite thing was tech arts. Taylor and I are the only girls in our tech arts group. But since the year 8's brownie didn't go well Taylor, Jay, Ty and I had to be buddies. We put our brownie on the top shelf of the oven and when it was was cooked Mark and Isaac thought it was theirs. But it was actually theirs. So we got their brownie and they got our's. It's dumb because was cooked theirs was pretty much just mixture. But I am glad I passed my sewing test. Up above is my volcano explanation. My level for it is 4B which I am happy about.

Friday, 13 May 2016

My Blog reflection Week 2 Term 2

My biggest challenge this week was converting ml to l and g to kg. I overcome it by getting my dad to help me at home. What I would probably do differently next time is take more notes in my modelling book, focusing more on MrsVandy wrote on the board than trying to understand it myself. I learnt that there are 1000 ml in a l and 1000 g in a kg. I had the most fun doing tech arts on Thursday. I was awesome because I had cooking and sewing, which are both my favorite things. I love to cook and the sewing machines are so much fun. I excelled at the talent show auditions I am really proud of myself for getting in. Next week is the semi-finals. I struggled a bit with my science fair because I had a few mixed messages but all is well now. We had dog handler come in and tell us about his job which was so cool.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Measurement Olympics For Monday Maths

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This morning for maths we had Measurement Olympics where went around rotations. Before we started we had to make a estimate. Then we would do the activity and see how far off we were from our estimation. We recorded all of this down on a sheet of paper and glued it into our modelling book. At the top there is a photo of my group (Jay, Grace and I) doing the cotton ball shot put challenge. At the end of all the challenges as a group we had a look at who won each challenge. I won the marble challenge. But then as a class we sat down on the floor and went up for each challenge to see who was the top three in each activity. I didn't win any of them. Which means my estimations were too big for each of the activities.

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Information Report

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Refugees resettlement

New Zealand has been taking in refugees since WWll. There are 14 million recognised  refugees world wide, all in need of resettlement.

The Demand Of Resettlement
New Zealand accepts 750 refugees annually. The refugees cannot return to their country due to religion, race, nationality, war, membership in a social group and political opinion. The global demand for resettlement is very high. But only 1% of the refugees worldwide are offered resettlement.

The Quota
There was a three year quota put in place to help the organisations who resettle refugees. The quota includes six intakes of 125 people every year. The quota was put in place for women at risk, people with disabilities, people who need medical attention or people who have family already here. And refugees in general. The quota has given refugees a permanent residence on arrival.

The First Six Weeks in New Zealand
When they arrive they go straight to Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland where they focus on English skills, information to help them live in New Zealand, including the Ministries of Education, Social Development, Health, Work and Income and many more. Relating to the quota, NZ considers asylum seekers (People who fled from their country but are not accepted as a refugee) who say they are refugee status when they arrive. When approved, as well as the other refugees, they get sent straight to Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. In 2011-2012, 364 claims were decided and 115 approved.

General Statement
I think that it is sad just thinking about how many refugees are starving, walking 100 miles and living in poor conditions. We need to make a difference!

Immigration- Refugee Resettlement Fact sheet, viewed 2nd of May, 2016

The UN Refugee Agency, viewed on the 2nd of May, 2016

Dictionary, viewed on the 14 April, 2016

Blog reflection Term 2 Week 1

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This week has been great I had my first Tech Arts session on Thursday which was so cool. On an odd week I start with Sewing and then Food Tech then on an even week it is the other way around. On Wednesday I went for house captain or deputy I went for it last term and got house captain so I tried again but I didn't get it. I am not sad about it. I think the engineering to get a new year 7&8 playground is really coming together now. I am one of the leaders. You had to write a letter to MrsVandy saying why you should be a Junior Engineer. In science we have been learning about the water cycle Condensation, Precipitation, Infiltration, Runoff, Transpiration, Evaporation.