Friday, 29 September 2017


In hockey we had this guy come and teach us the skills. His name is Joseph and we did it in the hall. We had to dribble and learn all these skills about it. It was lots of fun. We had a different person to what we had the last time we were taught hockey which was last year. In the photo we are playing a game. The games is there is a joker that comes around and tries to steal your ball and if they steal it they get it and then at the end if your ball has been taken off you you have to do star jumps. In the photo I am at the back.


Our class had this guy named Matua X come and teach us about all the plastic and everything. He came from the Raglan recycling center. On Thursday it was enviro day and we made bags out of old pieces of clothing. I didn't make a bag because I went home to help my dog. He was very quirky and had some very interesting puppet bags. Ones name was bag and the other one was bag-get. We budded up with room 13. We played some card games also where you had to make a story of the travelling plastic bag and then put it in order.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Production Term 3

This term for production my role was Annie. I really enjoyed it but I am really tired now. The hardest part of it for me was the singing. Thankfully I had the help of Mrs Wendy to help me with it otherwise I would've been lost without her. Mrs N was a really good directer and we had some very interesting costumes. My favorite dance was your never fully dressed without a smile. It was a really cool production to finish off my years at Pirongia school.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Proud Moments for Term 2

This term I am proud of:

  1. Being a Councillor for term 2
  2. Getting a excellence in science fair
  3. Getting Annie in the Kawaka Production
  4. Going to National Young leaders day
  5. Getting first for Cheer leading in our competition at Gym sports
  6. Being a Peer Mediator
  7. Getting Third at Ngahinapouri Sevens Winter sports day

Friday, 30 June 2017

Science fair Video

This is the link to my science fair video explaining it:

Friday, 12 May 2017

Reflection 12th of May Week 2

On Monday the councillors went to National young leaders day and heard from a wide range of speakers, 50 schools, 600 schools taking part from around the Waikato. I really enjoyed myself and at the end we got to listen to Nomad which is a New Zealand famous band. My favourite speaker was Trina Tamati who told us stories about what has happened in her life. On Wednesday we had the Lit quiz. It was a really late night and a cool experience. Pirongia entered 2 teams. Team 1 won a round and got a $5 gift card from Whitcoulls. I was in Team 2 and we just tried our best and enjoyed ourself. Thursday was tech arts which is going pretty well. In wood tech I finished my self feeder which is like a tray and I started a Lazy suzan. Which like a wooden plate that spins around.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Science Fair

For science fair my topic is what amount of water makes honey crystallize the fastest. I will have to long at the time period of how long it sits in one place. I am thinking that I will check it everyday and to see whats happening and take photos. I think that I will take the photo at the same time everyday and give it about a week so I can start on the next test. I will be recording as well in my log book to keep it up to date. I can't wait to start testing. I am going to start on Monday. In the weekend I will get prepared with what amounts of water in each container. The containers will be the same as will be the amount of honey.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Proud Moments

I am proud of... 
1. Being a Councillor for Term 1 
2. Getting third in my heat at swimming sports
3. Getting two Kawaka awards at the golden gathering
4. Going to leadership day
5. Getting into the lit quiz

Monday, 3 April 2017

Friday Integrity games

On Friday we had the Integrity games with Tawa team which was very fun. We were really hot at the end of it and there were heaps of kids coming and going. They were all getting into it and joining in. We played master tag with a twist and all the kids were experts at it. There were no arguments and they co-operated with each other although we had 1 injury all was well.  I am in a group with Lucy, Breea and Sharnika and we were all working together throughout the whole process. Since there was four of us we would take turns, two playing and two having a break and then we would rotate. But the only thing that we could work on is making the boarder clearer so the kids didn't go out of the square. At the start we decided on what to do but we didn't have enough players so after we got together with room 13 and saw what it would be like we decided to change it cause it just wouldn't work. The way you play the game is that everyone is in and you are only allowed to tag each other on the knee or under. If you are tagged you sit down, when the person who tags you sits down you get to stand up. The game ends when one person gets everyone.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Financial Literacy

On Tuesday we had an ASB guy named Callum come in and taught us about saving and spending money. We learn't about how much on average a doctor, trades and the fast food industries make every year. A doctor after spending and giving in their tax they save about $500 a week, Trades saved $200 and Fast food industries save $50. I learn't that a chunk of how much you earn if given and past as Tax, so fast food people give less money compared to doctors and people who have a big income. We also played a game in 2 teams and we took a trip to Fiji and had to work out all the financial stuff which was fun. The team that I was on had $100 left and the other team had $200 At the start each team started with $2000.