Thursday, 9 June 2016

Term 2 Inquiry

Have you ever wondered how day, night and the seasons takes

Day and night are very important to us. If it weren’t for the earth constantly spinning we wouldn’t have day and night or the four seasons.

Day and night occurs because the earth constantly rotates. It takes 24 hours to spin, in other words one full day. We do not feel the movement because the earth moves smooth and slowly. The earth spins on something called a axis which is always on a lean which is on a 23.5 degree angle The axis is an invisible line going through the earth.

Since the earth is spinning, some part of the earth is in sunlight (day) and some is in shadow (night). The daylight gets warmer and the shadow progressively loses heat. The earth starts in the east, is at south at noon and at west when the day ends.

Seasons are created by the tilt of the earth and the movement. When the North Pole is leaning closest to the sun it is summer. When it is the furtherest away it is winter. In between is autumn and spring. It can get closer and further away by the movement of the earth because the North Pole is staying the same angle the whole time only turning around.

The seasons take place all year. Summer is December, January and February. Autumn is March, April and May. Winter is June, July and August. Spring is September, October and November.

This cycle has been around since the earths creation.Day and night are the reason that we sleep at night and are active at day.

By Marnie Gielen

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