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Refugees resettlement

New Zealand has been taking in refugees since WWll. There are 14 million recognised  refugees world wide, all in need of resettlement.

The Demand Of Resettlement
New Zealand accepts 750 refugees annually. The refugees cannot return to their country due to religion, race, nationality, war, membership in a social group and political opinion. The global demand for resettlement is very high. But only 1% of the refugees worldwide are offered resettlement.

The Quota
There was a three year quota put in place to help the organisations who resettle refugees. The quota includes six intakes of 125 people every year. The quota was put in place for women at risk, people with disabilities, people who need medical attention or people who have family already here. And refugees in general. The quota has given refugees a permanent residence on arrival.

The First Six Weeks in New Zealand
When they arrive they go straight to Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre in Auckland where they focus on English skills, information to help them live in New Zealand, including the Ministries of Education, Social Development, Health, Work and Income and many more. Relating to the quota, NZ considers asylum seekers (People who fled from their country but are not accepted as a refugee) who say they are refugee status when they arrive. When approved, as well as the other refugees, they get sent straight to Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. In 2011-2012, 364 claims were decided and 115 approved.

General Statement
I think that it is sad just thinking about how many refugees are starving, walking 100 miles and living in poor conditions. We need to make a difference!

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