Friday, 13 May 2016

My Blog reflection Week 2 Term 2

My biggest challenge this week was converting ml to l and g to kg. I overcome it by getting my dad to help me at home. What I would probably do differently next time is take more notes in my modelling book, focusing more on MrsVandy wrote on the board than trying to understand it myself. I learnt that there are 1000 ml in a l and 1000 g in a kg. I had the most fun doing tech arts on Thursday. I was awesome because I had cooking and sewing, which are both my favorite things. I love to cook and the sewing machines are so much fun. I excelled at the talent show auditions I am really proud of myself for getting in. Next week is the semi-finals. I struggled a bit with my science fair because I had a few mixed messages but all is well now. We had dog handler come in and tell us about his job which was so cool.

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