Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Marnies MOTAT visit writing lazar maze

I feel a rope leering me closer to the gloomy curtain. Luckily, I have an inquisitive feeling upon me. My feet were like magnets clinging to whatever was inside.

Stimed at what I'm seeing, lazar lights were flickering everywhere - left, right and center. "Oh... now I'm dwelling. I have to embark who knows what I'm missing out on?" Simultaneously, I put on my courageous commando mood  Oh... that smell, that smell of waffles and yummy maple syrup. Suddenly I fall to my knee, not knowing what had hit me, oh wait that was me having fun. I fall to the ground with a big thud. Insensibly, I stand up in the middle of the room and touch everything I can. This amazing feeling is something that you would never want to let go of.

I get up, head for the door and remember that heavenly smell.

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